Laser removal of cellulite

Laser removal of cellulite

During one minimally invasive laser treatment called Lipotight, a tiny laser fiber is inserted beneath your skin. When the laser is fired, the laser energy breaks up the tough bands beneath the skin that cause us to see cellulite. This treatment can also thicken your skin, which is important. Skin often thins where cellulite forms. Thickening the skin can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3 reasons to undergo laser removal of cellulite with Lipotight – LipoLife 3G:

  • A state-of-the-art technology uses a laser that is quick and effective. The aim is to alleviate or completely suppress visible cellulite in the affected areas. By introducing the laser energy under the skin, are broken down and markedly improved until cellulite removal.
  • Safe, homogeneous and more efficient skin stretching.
  • Supporting collagen production

Everything about the procedure

  • The first laser solution for suppression or removal of cellulite
  • The procedure is simple and fast
  • It is performed in local anesthesia
  • Our physicians have the longest experience with this type of laser removal of cellulite
  • Due to the unique method of laser application, the postoperative course is less painful and swelling and bruising are significantly smaller
  • The patient leaves the home immediately after the procedure
  • It is necessary to wear compression garmenet according to the doctor’s recommendation 1-5 weeks according to the treated site
  • No downtime