Plasmalifting – Plasmatherapy

Plasmalifting – Plasmatherapy

Dracula therapy (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP therapy, Self Stimulated Serum or even Vampire therapy) involves using your own blood as an injectable anti-ageing treatment.

This method uses the natural regenerative effect of blood plasma. The treatment allows restarting regeneration processes in the skin, cell renewal, collagen and elastin formation. The result is improved tonus, skin texture and skin rejuvenation at the application site.

The advantage of blood plasma treatment is that, compared to other techniques, it is your own blood and not foreign substances. There is no other serum that contains more natural proteins, growth factors that have better repair capabilities than their own plasma. This method is also suitable for balancing acne scars and scar treatment. Enhanced blood plasma injections are also used to remove small wrinkles.

The treatment is designed for those who need to revitalize the skin (tired skin, lack of elasticity, color inconsistency, dry skin), have marked signs of skin aging (wrinkles, folds, skin weakness, changes in skin texture) as well as for clients who have undergone aesthetic medical treatment (for example, fractional resurfacing for acne scarring) and want to speed up the process of healing and regeneration, and also for the male type of alopecia.

Plasma in treated areas is absorbed approximately 48 hours after application. It’s a one-off treatment with results noticeable within 3-4 weeks and works especially well for the forehead, cheeks, neck, décolletage, hands, knees and elbows. Due to the expected collagen production and its positive regenerative effects will occur.

Everything about the procedure

  • Effectively regenerates skin cells
  • Rejuvenates tired, tingling and aging skin
  • Eliminates wrinkles and suppresses traces of aging
  • Regular cures provide a supple and supple skin
  • For even more intense results, we offer enrichment of plasma with nutritional supplements
  • No side effects and risks
  • Sensitization via dermal cream is painless
  • Suitable for the face, circles under the eyes, neck, décolleté, abdomen, thigh and back of the hand
  • We recommend selecting 3 – 4 courses in a row, with a 10 – 14 day interval
  • For a long-term effect, you need to undergo treatment twice a year