Breast asymmetry correction

Breast asymmetry is a relatively common problem for many women. Asymmetry can be congenital (eg, Poland’s syndrome) when it is not completely developed or is completely undeveloped by large breast muscle or acquired during life and is generated, for example, after breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight changes or hormonal imbalances.
Depending on the type of asymmetry, it is possible to choose different operating procedures or combine them. The solution is to place the implant on one side under the gland or muscle (or the different sized implants into the both breasts), or to reduce the glandular tissue of one or both of the breasts, to reduce the amount of skin of one or both of the breasts and to change the position of the nipple and possibly the size of one or both breasts

All about the procedure:

  • Reduces asymmetry in the shape, volume, and amount of breast skin and improves their symmetry and appearance
  • Our plastic surgeons have an excellent name in this area not only among clients but also in professional circles
  • Providing an individual solution for each patient
  • Personal consultation with a physician will assess the state of the art, suggest solutions and help meet client expectations in line with operational performance options
  • After the surgery, the patient is monitored for the rest of the day and night at the clinic, in our patient room, where our staff provides full service
  • The operation is performed in total anesthesia and takes 2-4 hours
  • After breast surgery, the chest will be wrapped up, the next day replaced by an elastic compresive bra that is required to wear for several weeks continuously.
  • Recovery – downtime for at least 1 -2 weeks