Lips augmentation and enhancement

Lips augmentation and enhancement

Lips are a symbol of women’s beauty and often one of the most frequent reasons for visiting a plastic surgeon. Depending on your ideas, we will provide you with a number of tailor-made solutions to increase the volume and adjust the shape of your lips.

Lip Lift – lifting the upper lip is a surgical procedure that elevates the upper lip and shorten distance between nose and lip. The incision is practically invisible in this procedure and the result is excellent. Lift the upper lip shortens the distance that is between the upper lip and the base of the nose. This increases the volume and visibility of the redness of the upper lip and gives you fuller and younger looking lips.

The procedure is performed in local anesthesia

Lip augmentation with fat is one of the latest trends in plastic surgery. Transplating your own fat – lipofilling is also very useful for enlarging your lips. In this type of procedure, the fat in the local anaesthesia is removed by the liposuction cannula from another part of the body and after is applied to the lips o achieve the desired shape.

The procedure is in local anesthesia.

Lip augentation with HA fillers

We use hyaluronic acid syringes from renowned manufacturers specially designed for application to the area of the lips. They also contain a local anesthetic Lidocain, so the procedure is less painful. Efect is long lasting and very predictable.