Ear surgery -Otoplasty

Ear surgery -Otoplasty

Otoplasty – Correction of protruding ears brings improvement of appearance and new self-confidence. The aim of the procedure is to give the ears a new position and an improved shape. The plastic surgeon is always trying to fill the client’s imagination. Ear correction is not limited in age and can be tolerated by both children and adults.

The procedure itself is done in local desiccation and lasts within 1 hour. The incision is carried on the back of the ear so that the resulting scar is not visible. The cartilage of the ear is modeled or partially removed, and the ear is drawn to the head in a suitable position. Immediately after surgery, the head is wraped with bandages. They provide adequate pressure on the ear that is necessary to keep the ear during the healing process in the new position and, of course, they also have the function of covering the operative wound itself.

The bandages are left on the head for 7-14 days, then replaced with an elastic compression bandage, which is later left only for the night to minimize the risk of traumatizing the ear. At that time the ear should be painless, and all swelling and bruising should be almost gone.

Everything about the procedure

  • Optimal adjustment of the prominent ears
  • Correction through operation
  • The scars are not visible
  • Local anesthesia and local anesthetics
  • Recovery in 14 days