Lipofilling – Fat grafting

Own fat, as a filling material, is used for correction of lips volume, filling of sunken cheeks, nasolabial wrinkles, sags under lower eyelids or circles under eyes.

The advantage of this procedure is the use of the body’s own body fat, minimizing the complications associated with intolerant of a foreign substance. The plastic surgeon can smooth out wrinkles, augment the lips, remove so-called marionettes, cut the circles under the eyes, or fill the volume in the faulty parts of the face. This is an outpatient procedure that is performed only in local anesthesia. Fat tissue is usually removed from the abdomen by cannula. The fat is then centrifuged, cleaned and injected into the desired location. The client may be active on the second day after lipofilling, with only a slight swelling.

Everything about the procedure

  • Filling of wrinkles, folds, circles under the eyes
  • Fill volumes in the face
  • Fat behaves like an ideal filler
  • Long-term effect
  • Minimum risks