Forehead Lift and Browlift

Forehead Lift and Browlift

The forehead and eyebrow an area where signs of aging are progressively manifested. To stop wrinkles, botulotoxin 30-50 years old will be sufficient , and hyaluronic acid fillers to smooth and fill deeper wrinkles combined with laser therapy. Later, the conservative methods described above are insufficient and do not prevent further decrease of the loosen structures. Brow lift and forehead lift are plastic surgery procedures that are a unique solution to skin folds of wrinkles, dropped forehead and dropped eyebrows.

The operation consists in the rising and repositionng of dropped and flared structures. The result is adequate stretching of the skin, subcutaneous and muscle structures of the forehead to help reduce signes of aging, face has a more youthful appearance, wrinkles are stretched and the expression remains natural and relaxed.

The procedure is performed in local, general anesthesia or in general.

Everything about the procedure

  • Cuts excess skin folds, wrinkles, dropped forehead and dropped and curved eyebrows
  • The procedure is performed in the hairline, so small scarves are not visible
  • The procedure is performed in local or total anesthesia