Breast augmentation

Effective solution for women who are not happy with their breast size, either because of insufficiently developed breasts or where there has been a loss of fat tissue and thus the formation of a deflated shape. Breast augmentation by implants improves breast shape and size. It is one of the most frequent interventions in plastic surgery.

During the consultation, we will help you to select the most suitable implant for you. The shape of the breasts and body building is different for each woman, so the ideal shape of the implant must be carefully chosen. We use silicone and polyurethane implants from renowned manufacturers with product warranties. Also we are experienced in using BLITE implants. B-Lite Implants – the world’s first and only lightweight breast implant. Up to 30% lighter than conventional implants – B-Lite® implants reduce the stress and strain on the breast soft tissue, and maintain the shape and appearance of the breast in the long term.

Before surgery, other factors affecting the outcome of the surgery, such as placing the implant under the gland or under the muscle and choosing a surgical approach – in the inframammary fold, periareolar or in the armpit – should be considered. Sometimes it is necessary to combine the procedure with the mastopexy – by lifting the breasts to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

The operation is under general anesthesia.

All about the procedure:

  • Our plastic surgeons are recognized professionals and have hundreds of treatments in their portfolio
  • Breast augmentation according to client’s imagination
  • Providing an individual solution for each patient
  • Personal consultation with the doctor will help to clearly define the client’s expectations and the real possibilities of the procedure
  • The procedure is under general anesthesia
  • After surgery, the patient is monitored for the rest of the day and night at the clinic, in our patient room, where our staff provides full service.
  • Feel pain about 2-5 days after surgery. Pain will gradually recede.
  • 4-8 weeks we need to wear a special elastic bra that we order before surgery
  • No physical activity mode is required for the first week after surgery
  • Removal of stitches in 10-14 days
  • The first two months after the operation do not recommend challenging activities and sports
  • After 4-6months, the result is permanent