Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon reduces enlarged, dropped breasts, correcting potential asymmetry. As a result, breasts are smaller, stronger and repositioned. This procedure can be a solution to some health problems such as cervical, chest and back pain. Reducing hypertrophic breasts will improve the shape of the breasts, bring the proportions of the female body into compliance and allow greater freedom in physical activity and sport.

The operation and the particular surgical procedure depend on anatomical conditions and the outcome of a detailed consultation. The procedure can be performed in a manner where the resultant scar is only vertical or in the manner in which the resultant scar is in the form of the inverted T. The method of operation is determined according to the patient’s anatomical findings. The procedure lasts 2-3 hours, sometimes longer. Removes excess tissue of the gland, fat, skin, and shapes a new breast shape. The nipple gains a new position.

After surgery, for 6 weeks, it is necessary to wear an elastic compressible bra and not sleep on the abdomen, not to exercise more physical activity for the first 4 weeks. After breast reduction, the patient should be able to return to work after 7 to 21 days. After surgery, the sensitivity of the nipple areolar complex cis reduced for several weeks to months. Rash, bruising, pain usually disappear in the first few weeks after surgery, but up to 6 months may take until the breasts settle down in their new shape and position.

Everything about the procedure

  • In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the treatment also addresses relief of spine and shoulder pain caused by a higher weight of large breasts
  • Our plastic surgeons have an excellent name in this area not only among clients but also in professional circles
  • Providing an individual solution for each patient
  • Personal consultation with the doctor will help to clearly define the client’s expectations and the real possibilities of the procedure
  • The procedure is performed in total anesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours
  • After the surgery, the patient is monitored for the rest of the day and night at the clinic, in our patient room, where our staff provides full service
  • Pain will feel about 2-5 days after surgery and can be painted by analgesics. Pain will gradually recede
  • After breast surgery, the chest will be wrapped up, the next day replaced by an compresive elastic bra that is required to wear for several weeks continuously.
  • Convalescence for at least 1 week, for more demanding physical work and longer
  • The scars will first be more pronounced, they will fade and fall within one year, while adhering to recommended scar care