Rhinoplasty – Nose sculpture is one of the most desired aesthetic procedures.

The nose is the dominant part of the face and the deviations in its shape and the deformations cause the attention of the public and can interfere with the overall symmetry of the face. Surgical treatment of the nose is a solution to these problems and is one of the most common aesthetic operations. Nose correction is not just an aesthetic procedure but often improves the respiratory function. Nose surgery corrects nose deformities (acquired, traumatic, or congenital, ethnic), or aesthetically fine nose contours such as nose tip narrowing, nose root removal, often requiring a combination of these adjustments. The surgery is performed only in adulthood when the growth of the skeleton is complete.

The current trend in nose job surgery has shifted towards individualized adjustment of individual nose segments, in order to achieve a balance between the shape and functionality of the nose.

Everything about the procedure

  • Solution of the overall shape, symmetry and deformity of the nose
  • Correction of cartilaginous parts of the ears
  • The procedure is mostly made from the inside of the nose without the need for an external cut
  • Taking patient expectations into line with real options
  • Brings self-confidence and higher self-esteem
  • The operation is performed in total anesthesia
  • Recovery in 14 days