Mastopexy – Breast lift

Mastopexy – Breast lift

Women who are happy with their breast size may undergo mastopexy procedure (breast lift) in order to adjust the position of the breasts, to improve the contours and shape of the breasts, or to strengthen them.

Breast lift is performed only with the breast tissue itself or using a silicone implant, depending on the client’s breast tissue and her desired volume of the breasts. When the breast is only ptotic, we can make mastopexy, when breast is ptotic and volume deflated, we can perform augmentation mastopexy. We reduce skin envelope, size of areola, breast and nipple gains new position on chest and new, more attractive shape.

It is also possible to correct any asymmetry if present. The resultant scar is most often only around the chest of the breast, with a greater decrease in the size of the breasts and the vertical – from the chest to the cheek, or the T-shaped scar. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Everything about the procedure

  • Improve the shape and position of the breasts and returns them to a firmer look
  • Our plastic surgeons have an excellent name in this area not only among clients but also in professional circles
  • Providing an individual solution for each patient
  • Personal consultation with the doctor will help to clearly define the client’s expectations and the real possibilities of the procedure
  • The procedure is performed under general anesthesia
  • After the surgery, the patient is monitored for the rest of the day and night at the clinic, in our patient room, where our staff provides full service
  • Operation takes about 2-3 hours
  • After breast surgery, the chest will be wrapped up, the next day replaced by an compresive elastic bra that is required to wear for several weeks continuously.
  • Convalescence for at least 1 week
  • The scars will first be more pronounced, they will fade and fall within one year, while adhering to recommended scar care