Answers to questions that you are frequently asking

What is included in the consultation?

Consultation is taking place with a doctor, which is scheduled based on the client’s request. You can order consultation by phone or by sending a contact form on our site. Based on the examination, the procedures are suggested.

How to make preoperative examinations?

Preoperative examinations that are required for general anesthesia surgery must be done before surgery. These are laboratory blood tests, and physician pre-operative examination including ECG. For our clients, we can provide on request our contract physicians. These examinations takes one day.

What happens after surgery?

If hospitalization is required after the surgery, the patient stays for 24 hours when we provide him with complete health care and services.

What do you need to bring to the clinic?

For larger procedures, the patient is monitored and stays with us for as long as 24 hours. During the stay, you will receive basic hygiene items, disposable lingerie, compressible lingerie and slippers. We guarantee drinking regime and easily digested snacks.

Our trained staff will provide complete post-operative care. The patient should only bring personal items, a pajamas or remedies he regularly takes.

Taking medicines after the procedure

When leaving, every client gets the so-called a postoperative package that is included in the  fee. In this package are included all the medications to be taken during post-treatment period.

Instructions before the procedures

On the day of surgery, the patient is admitted to the clinic where the staff takes care of putting them in the room and provides the necessary instructions related to immediate preoperative preparation.
A month before planned surgery in general anesthesia, hormonal contraception should be discontinued.

Weeks prior to planned surgery should not include medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid (acylpyrine, anopyrine, aspirin). In the case of antidepressants, the pre-exercise withdrawal period should be consulted prior to the scheduled surgery.

24 hours before the scheduled exercise, alcoholic beverages may not be drunk. At the time of surgery, menstruation must not be.

Since midnight before surgery, do not eat and drink. For more regular medication (except for vitamins, minerals, hormonal contraceptives, or hormone replacement therapy), anesthesiologist should be consulted.

Do not eat, drink, smoke, take any medication on the day of surgery in the morning (medications you regularly take to consult with your doctor and follow instructions). At the clinic, it is necessary to arrive in time for the ordered time, taking the regular medication with you. Do not take any jewelry to clinic, do not cream your body and do not make makeup. Obligatory for every client is to sign a written informed consent.